Who is Daniel Horner?

Daniel is undoubtedly the best multi-gun shooter in the world. With hundreds of wins under his belt, Daniel dominates the multi-gun circuit. Daniel has also won several of the most prestigious team sniper matches is the United States. His competitive edge and skills cross over to all types of shooting sports.

Daniel has a vast array of knowledge relating to everything firearms related. He has consulted for companies to produce some of the most well-known products on the market. His unparalleled experience as a shooter gives unique insights that are assets to companies looking to take their products to the next level.

Daniel has been teaching firearms related training since 2003. After joining the Army, Daniel had the opportunity to teach people from varying backgrounds. Daniel has taught everything from basic marksmanship to advanced sniper courses to mental management. Daniel teaches military, law enforcement, and civilian classes.

Daniel Horner

Data-Driven Tactics

Leading Expert

World Champion

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